De Nieuwe Dokters

Genees Jezelf In De 21ste Eeuw

The Shift Is Now



transformatie in een lichtwezen de nieuwe dokters

You can decide now if the biggest day in your lifetime has arrived. The day which is the finalization of a whole series of life experiences or incarnations that very shortly will give you the opportunity to leave duality and the cycles of birth and death. It will lead to the time you have been waiting for. The time will open up the Unifying Age for you which offers a broader light body spectrum of experiences of health, happiness and joy. The problems and worries that haunted you in past lives, until today, will be soon be set aside, and you will be quickly involved in the various projects connected with uplifting Mother Earth and re-connection with the rest of the Universe and it’s Light Beings.

If you shift NOW, the next few days you will be mirroring other people's life experiences as your own, and accepting that you are ONE and connected with everybody and everything around you. Those who have been building a Light Body in the past weeks, months, years will inevitably find that upon the decision to start NOW will be received an energetic input, which will be established a unifying consciousness within. Both the good and bad sides of your ego and personality cannot prevent the unifying energies having a unifying effect upon them, and sooner or later will be acting AS ONE again. As you change, the civilization around you will change automatically with you and will never be the same again as it was with duality.

An inner-self created blessing and your biggest wish is in this life on earth. You will now find that there is a more unifying meaning and intention of all the actions you take. They will fulfill the inner unifying essential desire to move on and create a unifying society from within that is based upon love. Love meaning the essence inside that is eternal, unchangeable and the same in everyone and everything compared to the temporary ego and senses illusion you created to play with on earth and/or somewhere else in the universe. This shift will happen because the power of the essence inside was and still is much stronger than any temporary ego role you created in this and past lives. The only thing different now is that your personal focus, attention, desire and action to become ONE again has activated the essence or sleeper inside. The sleeper who has been steadily growing and blossoming inside of your body, transforming it into a light body until the day it is ready to reconnect with the rest of all enlightened beings transforming into ONE again. The momentum is now if you want it to be NOW. There is no time, space, person or movement that will decide it for you. You can only awaken yourself from your own illusion creations into the Unifying Light again.

So decide NOW!


With the increase of the Sun, Moon and Earth vibrations in the past few years like the Schumann Resonance (ELF) from 7.8 to 9.6 Hz and higher and higher. It is also made easier for your Universal Unifying Light Body friends to appear amongst you, as they do not need to reduce their own vibrations as much as before. The planet awakened because you are awakening to a unifying consciousness again. Understand that it has been extremely difficult, in the past ages, for light beings to come to earth as they had to lower their vibrations to such a level that they could walk among a divided and torn apart people. This has all changed now because YOU reached a tipping point in your consciousness and you are now one of the Light Beings yourself again making it very easy for your Light Body friends to reconnect with you again. And yes there is no need for Spaceships or Lightships anymore because you are The Lightship now.

A Light Being is able to cross the universe in zero seconds. A Light being is able to create everything instantly from its unifying consciousness. You will soon adapt to this new way of unifying living, that will grow and blossom more and more as you continue walking and doing the unifying consciousness path or essence from inside of you, radiating it to the world around you. And by doing so step by step, action by action you will be creating a whole new sustainable future for yourself and all your creations.

Are you ready to show your inner essential light to the world?

So let the past go as it will have little or no bearing on your future. You are starting a new and even your karma will have been forgiven and cleared up, so place your focus on what is coming from inside. There is so much that will be a great benefit for you, taking away the need to spend much of your time on polarized so wasteful and unproductive tasks. In your new state of unified consciousness you will have all the freedom you need to explore and experience your talents. However, you may want to explore and experience new interests that will pop up from the re-awakened source inside of you now. The essential source is making everything possible again because you are ONE with all potentials again. So when you are awake, everybody and everything around you will be reawakening. You have always been able to ASCEND. But you and you All-ONE will decide if it is NOW, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade or a next life.


In the coming time you need a unifying, peaceful, relaxed and calm response to everything, to ensure that you keep a balance within yourself. Sometimes in the process of enlightenment you may go through odd feelings of uncertainty and confusion, but simply let it run its course and it will quickly cease. Of course not all people will have the same experience, but in every case their symptoms will be short lived. Keep to natural foods, the more they are fresh and "alive" the better it is, drink plenty of natural water and do not accept your confused thoughts and dreams as truths anymore. It is only the awakened essence inside of you that will be telling you the truth by intuition in your unified sustainable future. This way you will receive the maximum amount of Light your body can absorb for transforming into a Light Being. A light being is your next stage in conscious development to the ultimate unifying ONE source inside of yourself.

And all the above is happening because YOU decided to change NOW!

You are the world around you.


The Unifiers

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